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A Troubled Marriage

Indigenous Elites of the Colonial Americas
By Sean F. McEnroe



A Troubled Marriage describes the lives of native leaders whose resilience and creativity allowed them to survive and prosper in the traumatic era of European conquest and colonial rule. They served as soldiers, scholars, artists, artisans, and missionaries within early transatlantic empires and later nation-states. These Indian and mestizo men and women wove together cultures, shaping the new traditions and institutions of the colonial Americas. In a comparative study that spans more than three centuries and much of the Western Hemisphere, McEnroe challenges common assumptions about the relationships among victors, vanquished, and their shared progeny.

Contributor Bios
Sean F. McEnroe is an associate professor of history at Southern Oregon University. He is the author of From Colony to Nationhood in Mexico: Laying the Foundations, 1560–1840.