Many authors have similar concerns about publishing their work but do not always know what to ask when talking with a potential publisher. Please refer to the list below for help in understanding the publication process.

Process and Procedure

I am ready to search for a potential publisher. What should I do now?

At what stage should I submit a letter of inquiry or a proposal? How long should I wait for a response?

What should I include in a proposal? How long should my proposal be?

What is the basic process of book publication?

Do you accept submissions that are also being sent to other publishers for consideration?

How long does the review process take?

What happens after the review process?

When do I negotiate the contract?

How long will it take for my book to be published once I submit the full manuscript for review?


How will I receive feedback on the manuscript from my editor?

Should I include illustrations in my book? How do I decide which photographs and artwork to include?

How should I format my manuscript for submission to the press? What about the specifications for submitting photographs and artwork?

What notation style should I use? Should I include a formal bibliography?

How long should my manuscript be?

It looks like my manuscript is going to be longer than I initially thought. Is that okay?

Other Issues

How do I know whether permission must be obtained in order to include certain materials in my project? Whose responsibility is it to secure permissions, and when should that process be undertaken?

Will I be responsible for any other expenses? Do you require a subsidy in order to publish my book?

I have finished preparing my final manuscript and have sent it off to my editor. What happens now? What are my responsibilities at this point? How long will it be until I have a bound book in my hands?

Will I have a say in the format and design of my book?

I am concerned about the marketing for my book. Will I have a say in how my book is marketed? Who should I talk to about marketing? What may I do to help market my book?