Skeeter's Dream

By Candace Manley



The Civil War is over, but not for thirteen-year-old Skeeter Tates. It's 1867, and the memory of his beloved father, killed by Yankees four years earlier, lives deep inside him. After clashing one time too many with his new stepfather, and a Yankee at that, Skeeter and his best friend, Ben, run away for Texas. Hungry and scared, the two friends are startled by April, a teenager herself, threatening to shoot unless Ben drops the chickens he's stealing from her. A trip to the sheriff is next, unless . . . The adventures are just beginning.

April befriends the boys and joins them in their escape. Soon the three must deal with outlaws, stolen bank money, and a posse hot on their trail.

"The trials of war, of love and loss can crush the spirits of many, but Skeeter is proof that heroes do exist-that forgiveness and understanding are there for those who give it half a chance. An adventurous and touching story, this debut novel will find a permanent place in the reader's heart. Hats off to Candace Manley.""-Steven Law, author of The True Father

Subjects: ChildrenFiction

Contributor Bios
Candace Manley is a literary rising star. In 2007 she won first place in the Western Writers of America youth contest for her short story "œA Real Cowboy." She also wrote the final chapter to Broken Promises, Mike Kearby's collaborative novel. Skeeter's Dream is her first novel.Candace attends college in Texas.