103 b&w photographic plates

Prehistoric Suns

Ancient Observations in the American Southwest
By Steve Mulligan



Archaeoastronomy is a relatively new field of study that examines the astronomical knowledge of prehistoric peoples.These sophisticated sky-watchers cannily created observatories to help them understand the turning points in the year. Knowing when spring began, when to plant and harvest crops, and when winter was turning had an overwhelming significance in their lives.

Steve Mulligan has applied his large-format camera skills to his most recent fifteen-year-long project in locating and photographing these prehistoric observatories in the American Southwest. During the various seasonal events of summer and winter solstice, equinox, and cross-quarters, he has captured these fantastic light displays on film and luminous silver prints.

Prehistoric Suns
is an unusual combination of fine art and documentation. Requiring a balance of intuition and technique, it will appeal to both aficionados of fine art photography and those enthralled by the beautiful rock art scattered across the western states.

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Contributor Bios
Steve Mulligan is the author of eight books of photography. He was a featured photographer at Epcot Center and an associate editor and columnist at Camera & Darkroom magazine. Outdoor Photographer magazine named him a “Master Landscape Photographer.” He lives with his family in Moab, Utah.