56 color photos, 32 halftones

Heroes of the Borderlands

The Western in Mexican Film, Comics, and Music
By Christopher Conway



Few genres were as popular and as enduring in twentieth-century Mexico as the Western. Christopher Conway’s lavishly illustrated Heroes of the Borderlands tells the surprising story of the Mexican Western for the first time, exploring how Mexican authors and artists reimagined US film and comic book Westerns to address Mexican politics and culture. Broad in scope, accessible in style, and multidisciplinary in approach, this study examines a variety of Western films and comics, defines their political messaging, and shows how popular Mexican music reinforced their themes. Conway shows how the Mexican Western responds to historical and cultural topics like the trauma of the Conquest, mestizaje, misogyny, the Cult of Santa Muerte, and anti-Americanism. Full of memorable movie stills, posters, lobby cards, comic book covers, and period advertising, Heroes of the Borderlands redefines our understanding of Mexican popular culture by uncovering a vibrant genre that has been hiding in plain sight.

Contributor Bios
Christopher Conway is a professor of Spanish in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is the author and editor of several books, including Nineteenth-Century Spanish America: A Cultural History.