230 color illustrations

Cell Phone Science

What Happens When You Call and Why
By Michele SequeiraMichael Westphal



Their buzzes, beeps, bells, and tunes have disrupted countless classes, movies, and meals; public auditoriums now have signs posted prominently asking people to turn their cell phones off; cities such as Santa Fe have banned their use in automobiles. But these little connection gadgets have become ubiquitous because they are so useful-many would blanch at the thought of losing their cell phone. Cell phones are useful because of the science, technology, and design that are blended to make them function.

In this work, authors Michele Sequeira and Michael Westphal help young people explore this now-commonplace, socially important gadget that connects today's youth with their friends. The underlying science and technologies, and some of the history that has influenced the development of cell phones, are discussed. Emphasis is given to building science and technology concepts through simple analogies with commonplace items and ideas.

Subjects: ChildrenScience

Contributor Bios
Michele Sequeira and Michael Westphal have worked as engineers at Intel and hold materials science degrees from MIT. Currently they apply their analytical skills to fields as diverse as real estate investment and the motor sports industry. This is their first book.