75 color plates, 100 black and white plates

art alive!

A Fresh Approach to the Basics, the Teaching Techniques of Sally Bartalot
By Sally Bartalot



Contour drawing, sumi brush skills, value studies, color mixing, negative space and perspective exercises, colored pencil techniques, shape and color analyzing, composition, puzzle drawing, paper-cut silhouettes, watercolors, oil painting, thumbnail sketches, three-dimensional approaches, and on and on. Sally Bartalot trains the mind to use the artist's tools-hands included.

A book for teachers and students, art alive! chronicles the extraordinary teaching techniques and astounding artistic results that Sally Bartalot, teacher of art, has both shared and achieved with her students over the past forty years. This book was published after long insistence by her many students who, over the years, continued to demand that Bartalot's lesson plans, instructions, and guidelines, along with her students' work, be documented so that others who had never experienced her classes might benefit from her ideas and teaching.

Subjects: Art

Contributor Bios
Artist Sally Bartalot writes with a natural combination of instruction and humor. "What I believe I have offered my classes is a comprehensive foundation in art that supports any field. I have dealt with composition, techniques and with each of the seven elements (tools) of art, individually and in combination. The issue of "˜Where do we start?' has remained a life-long interest. I am happy that the beginning processes have not been anxiety-producing for students. It has been instinctive for me to intervene at the moment I see frustration building in order to clarify and redirect. There is an old joke about why I can critique so rapidly. It is because I only have between 'I don't like it!' and 'riiip!' to come up with something!"