By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

In the sixth book of the Mesaland Series, meet a strange little animal sprinkled with needle-sharp quills—Mr. Porcupine!

3 Toes

By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

The final book of the Mesaland Series follows Three-Toes as he pops in and out of mischief on the sunny mesa.

The Hero Twins

A Navajo-English Story of the Monster Slayers
By Jim Kristofic
Illustrations by Nolan Karras James

Told in Navajo, the Diné language, and English, this story exists in many versions, and all demonstrate the importance of thinking, patience, persistence, bravery, and reverence.

The Pancake Stories

Cuentos del Panqueque
By Peggy Pond Church
Illustrations by Elizabeth Comfort Church
Translated by Noël Chilton

Peggy Pond Church, one of the great New Mexico authors of the twentieth century, wrote these stories for her own sons in the 1930s, and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth Church created the illustrations in the 1950s. Now at last they are published, both in the original English and in Noël Chilton’s Spanish translation.

Southwest Aquatic Habitats

On the Trail of Fish in a Desert
By Daniel Shaw

In this book a nationally honored science teacher tells true stories about real young people who study and care for water, fish, and other creatures in and around desert streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers.

The Legend of Ponciano Gutiérrez and the Mountain Thieves

By A. Gabriel Meléndez The Paiz Family
Illustrations by Amy Córdova

Once upon a time in the Mora Valley of northern New Mexico there lived a farmer named Ponciano Gutiérrez. On a trip through the mountains he was taken captive by Vicente Silva and his gang of bank robbers. This tale of Ponciano’s quick-witted escape has been a bedtime story for generations in the Paiz family.

Sister Rabbit's Tricks

By Emmett “Shkeme” Garcia
Illustrations by Victoria Pringle

Inspired by the many rabbit stories from the pueblos of New Mexico, this story of Sister Rabbit and her antics shows us a trickster animal, wily and lovable, who can fool her friends but needs to learn some lessons about how to get along in life.

Juan the Bear and the Water of Life

La Acequia de Juan del Oso
By Enrique R. LamadridJuan Estevan Arellano
Illustrations by Amy Córdova

The legend of the stouthearted man who moved mountains and rivers to create the most famous acequia in northern New Mexico is retold in both English and Spanish for a new generation of young readers.

Tía's Tamales

By Ana Baca
Illustrations by Noël Chilton

Ana Baca's bilingual tale of how two children from different generations learn to make their family recipe for tamales will delight readers of her earlier picture books that combine folklore and traditional cuisine.

Grandpa Lolo's Navajo Saddle Blanket

La tilma de Abuelito Lolo
By Nasario García
Photographs by Richard Moeller

This bilingual tale offers an authentic slice of life in the multicultural West and will warm the hearts of readers of all ages.