The Raptors of North America

A Coloring Book of Eagles, Hawks, Falcons, and Owls
By Anne Price
Illustrations by Donald Malick

The Raptors of North America provides a creative and educational overview of the majestic birds found throughout North America and encourages us to continue exploring the birds we find in our own backyards and beyond.

Subjects: ChildrenNature

Black Sheep, White Crow and Other Windmill Tales

Stories from Navajo Country
By Jim Kristofic
Illustrations by Nolan Karras James

“These tales capture the humor and themes of traditional Diné literature. . . . The collection resonates with deep cultural authenticity.”—Enrique Lamadrid, author of Juan the Bear and the Water of Life: La Acequia de Juan del Oso

Sisters in Blue/Hermanas de azul

Sor María de Ágreda Comes to New Mexico/ Sor María de Ágreda viene a Nuevo México
By Anna M. NogarEnrique R. Lamadrid
Illustrations by Amy Córdova

Sisters in Blue tells the story of two young women—one Spanish, one Puebloan—meeting across space and time.

The Cooking with Kids Cookbook

By Lynn WaltersJane Stacey

Written for families to use together, this cookbook includes Cooking with Kids’ most enthusiastically kid-tested dishes, along with tips for engaging children in the kitchen and in the garden.

Subjects: CookingChildren

Amazing Paper Airplanes

The Craft and Science of Flight
By Kyong Hwa Lee

Featuring thirty-two designs, Amazing Paper Airplanes showcases models resembling real-world aircraft, including the F-22 fighter jet, a P-51 World War II plane, the Convair F-102 Delta Dagger—the first supersonic delta-wing interceptor airplane of the US Air Force—and more.

Subjects: ScienceChildren

Baby Jack and Jumping Jack Rabbit

By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

Join Baby Jack in the first book of the Mesaland Series as he explores the desert and encounters other creatures, including a little bee, a grasshopper, and a pile of big red ants.

Big Fat

By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

The fifth book of the Mesaland Series tells the story of lovable, lumbering prairie dog Big Fat.


By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

Cocky, a rollicking little roadrunner, joins baby jack rabbit Hop-a-long and the other creatures of the desert in the fourth book of the Mesaland Series.


By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

“An engaging account of the adventures of a bumblebee.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram


By Loyd Tireman
Illustrations by Ralph Douglass

In the second book of the Mesaland Series, Baby Jack grows up and is renamed Hop-a-long.