Adventures with Ed

A Portrait of Abbey
By Jack Loeffler

"Jack's story elucidates and demythifies the Abbey legend, giving us powerful flesh and blood instead."--John Nichols, author of The Milagro Beanfield War

The Marrano Legacy

A Contemporary Crypto-Jewish Priest Reveals Secrets of His Double Life
By Trudi Alexy

Through correspondence with the author, a Crypto-
Jewish Catholic priest who provides protection to Jews living as Catholics in Latin America reveals the struggles with his hidden self and the burden of secrecy in his true identity.

Apache Voices

Their Stories of Survival as Told to Eve Ball
By Sherry Robinson

These oral histories recounted by Apache elders to historian Eve Ball during the 1940s and 50s offer new versions of events previously known only through descriptions left by non-Indians.

New Mexican Lives

Profiles and Historical Stories
Edited by Richard W. Etulain

This book will appeal to anyone interested in knowing more about how a fascinating mix of people of various cultures have molded New Mexico's history.


Another Mayan Voice Speaks from Guatemala
By Ignacio Bizarro Ujpán
Edited and Translated by James D. Sexton

The vivid life story of a Maya Indian during the last two tumultuous decades in Guatemala.

Crossing Guadalupe Street

Growing up Hispanic and Protestant
By David Maldonado

To grow up as a Mexican-American Methodist in a small town in south central Texas in the 1940s and 1950s was to be a minority within a minority. This memoir is the story of a man who became bilingual, bicultural, and successful, but it is also a tribute to the traditions in which he grew up.

Tall Woman

The Life Story of Rose Mitchell, a Navajo Woman, c. 1874-1977
By Rose Mitchell
Edited by Charlotte J. Frisbie

Translated from her own words, this story of a Navajo woman who lived for more than 102 years is a vivid account of traditional lifeways in a harsh and challenging environment.

Romance of a Little Village Girl

By Cleofas Jaramillo

This memoir of growing up in northern New Mexico offers a unique and engaging portrait of daily life and customs from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth century.

The Saga of Billy the Kid

By Walter Burns

First published in 1926, this dramatic biography forever installed outlaw Billy the Kid in the pantheon of mythic heroes from the Old West.


A Nogales Memoir
By Alberto Alvaro Ríos

Vignettes of family, neighbors, friends, and secrets from his youth in the two Nogaleses--in Arizona and through the open gate into Mexico.