Paddy on the Hardwood

A Journey in Irish Hoops
By Rus Bradburd

A burned out basketball coach takes a job in Ireland and is surprised by what he finds.

Subjects: BiographySports

Ten Turtles to Tucumcari

A Personal History of the Railway Express Agency
By Klink GarrettToby Smith

From its founding in 1929, Railway Express Agency dominated the transportation industry until the 1960s. This history of REA coincides with the career of Klink Garrett, who began as a temporary employee in Rapid City, South Dakota, in 1934 and retired in 1973 as a senior executive and member of REA's board of directors.

Kenneth Milton Chapman

A Life Dedicated to Indian Arts and Artists
By Janet ChapmanKaren Barrie

The many contributions of this early expert on Pueblo Indian anthropology and art are highlighted by two of his descendants.

Closing the Chart

A Dying Physician Examines Family, Faith, and Medicine
By Steven Hsi

"Every patient should read it, if only to be made aware that they are not alone with their thoughts. Every spouse of a patient should read it. . . . Every medical student and physician should read it to learn that the biology of the disease is really just a small part of the illness."--John Saiki, M.D., Medical Oncology, University of New Mexico

Mormonism Unveiled

The Life and Confession of John D. Lee and the Complete Life of Brigham Young
By John Lee

A reprint of John Doyle Lee's 1891 autobiography, this edition includes the story of Brigham Young, early Mormonism, and the Mountain Meadows massacre.

In the Shadow of Los Alamos

Selected Writings of Edith Warner
Edited by Patrick Burns

To read this book is to hear her own quiet voice, describing pueblo ceremonials, detailing the difficulties of life during the war years, and above all recording her own spiritual relationship with the New Mexico landscape.

Buffalo Bill on Stage

By Sandra Sagala

Stunning photographs document "Buffalo Bill" Cody's early years as he led a troupe of traveling actors performing in frontier melodramas across the country.

Mountain Time

A Yellowstone Memoir
By Paul Schullery

Schullery's heartfelt reflections on his relationship to the wildness of Yellowstone Park.

Josefina Niggli, Mexican American Writer

A Critical Biography
By Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez

The work of one of the earliest Mexican American women writers who focused on life lived between two cultures and nations is the subject of this new literary study.

Doña Tules

Santa Fe's Courtesan and Gambler
By Mary J. Straw Cook

Cook takes a new look at this notorious woman of 1840s Santa Fe.