Coal Camp Days

A Boy's Remembrance
By Ricardo García

The coalfields of northern New Mexico are the setting for the remembrances of six-year-old Matias Montaño, a fictionalized version of the author's life in the last years of World War II.


The Architecture of Antoine Predock
By Christopher Curtis Mead

Architectural historian Christopher Mead traces Antoine Predock's development over forty years from early work in Albuquerque to twenty-first-century projects like Winnipeg's Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Through a Narrow Window

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and Her Terezín Students
By Linney Wix

Including biographical and art historical information on Dicker-Brandeis, this book sheds light on her roles as an artist, teacher, and heroine behind Nazi lines in the Second World War.

Mother Jones

Raising Cain and Consciousness
By Simon Cordery

The details of the life and work of Mary Harris "Mother" Jones are skillfully told here for those who have not heard her story and those who know it well.

Texas Ranger Biographies

Those Who Served 1910-1921
By Charles H. HarrisFrances HarrisLouis R. Sadler

The biographies of all 1,782 Texas Rangers who served during the era of the Mexican Revolution are collected in one volume for the first time.

Manhattan Project to the Santa Fe Institute

The Memoirs of George A. Cowan
By George A. Cowan

Cowan relates the details of his unique scientific career.

La Clínica

A Doctor's Journey Across Borders
By David P. Sklar

Sklar recalls how his earliest experiences in a remote Mexican clinic helped shape his career as an emergency physician and educator.

The Morganza, 1967

Life in a Legendary Reform School
By David E. Stuart

Stuart describes the life of students and staff in this infamous school that was, in reality, a youth prison camp.

Life on the Rocks

One Woman's Adventures in Petroglyph Preservation
By Katherine Wells

Artist Katherine Wells's life story starts with an early interest in Native art and the petroglyphs of the Southwest that drew her to New Mexico and led to a major effort to preserve the iconic images she found on her own land.

Yucatan Through Her Eyes

Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, Writer and Expeditionary Photographer
By Lawrence Desmond

The biography and photographs of this talented and adventurous woman are accompanied here by her previously unpublished diary.