The Art of Ann Templeton

A Step Beyond
By Michael JohnsonAnn Templeton

A colorful look at the painting techniques of this popular New Mexico landscape artist.

Subjects: Art

Rance Hood

Mystic Painter
By James HesterRance Hood

This beautifully illustrated biography of painter Rance Hood focuses on his art and its place within Native American art, history, and culture.

Michael Von Helms

Painted Dialogue
By E. McKinnon

A celebration of the art of Michael Von Helms.

Subjects: Art


New Directions in Native American Art
Edited by Marjorie Devon

Migrations features a surprising selection of the work of six contemporary artists and the master printers at Tamarind Institute along with important essays by noted critics on the new directions of Native art.

Painting the Underworld Sky

Cultural Expression and Subversion in Art
By Mateo Romero

Painter Mateo Romero uses a bold, muscular style and thick, expressive paint to expose the fault lines and tragedies afflicting Native people today. At the same time, he offers a meditation on the difficult yet artistically stimulating process of cultural diaspora and return in which he and many other Native artists are engaged.

Michael Dunbar

By Suzanne Deats

This study of Michael Dunbar as a sculptor includes his two decades as the coordinator of the arts and architecture program for the State of Illinois.

Subjects: Art

El Alma de España

The Soul of Spain
By Marcus B. BurkeSelma Holo

The first of three exhibitions presented as part of the City of Albuquerque's Tricentennial celebration, El Alma de España focuses on the work of Spanish Masters from sixteenth to early nineteenth-century Spain.

Subjects: Art

Prelude to Spanish Modernism

Fortuny to Picasso
By Mark Roglán

This book offers a study of the cosmopolitan development of Spanish painting in the latter half of the nineteenth century and beginning of the twentieth century, covering the time period between the death of Goya (in 1828) and the rise of Picasso.

Subjects: Art

Western Traditions

Contemporary Artists of the American West
By Michael DutySuzanne Deats

More than fifty painters and sculptors are represented in this beautiful collection of the art of the American West.

Subjects: Art

3-D art/techné

Glass, Fiber, Wood, Clay, Metal, Stone, Assemblage
By Aline BrandauerJon Carver

An exciting exploration of the work of over thirty New Mexico artists who create in three dimensions.

Subjects: Art