The Monuments of Piedras Negras, an Ancient Maya City

By Flora Simmons Clancy

The stunning imagery created at Piedras Negras was produced for cultural and ceremonial purposes, but Maya expert Clancy argues that its enduring artistic value cannot be ignored.

Colorado Abstract

Paintings and Sculpture
By Michael PagliaMary Chandler

In this lavishly illustrated book, Paglia focuses on the history of abstraction in Colorado, and Chandler's essays document the artistic development and vision of more than fifty contemporary artists.

Subjects: Art

Moche Art and Visual Culture in Ancient Peru

By Margaret Jackson

This multidisciplinary study analyzes the visual, linguistic, and cultural significance of the imagery used by the Moche in their ceramics and murals.

Kenneth Milton Chapman

A Life Dedicated to Indian Arts and Artists
By Janet ChapmanKaren Barrie

The many contributions of this early expert on Pueblo Indian anthropology and art are highlighted by two of his descendants.

Picturing Florida

From the First Coast to the Space Coast
By Kahren ArbitmanSusan Gallo

This beautifully produced catalog showcases the work of thirty-eight contemporary artists from northeast and central Florida.

Subjects: Art

Art and Architecture of Viceregal Latin America, 1521-1821

By Kelly Donahue-Wallace

A chronological overview of important art, sculpture, and architectural monuments of colonial Latin America within the economic and religious contexts of the era.


Anna Tomczak, Photographer
By Barbara Hitchcock

Anna Tomczak's iconic tableaux have been featured in exhibitions and collections at numerous major photography and art museums.

Subjects: ArtPhotography

Josephine Foard and the Glazed Pottery of Laguna Pueblo

By Dwight P. LanmonLorraine Welling LanmonDominique Coulet du Gard

This fascinating rediscovery of Josephine Foard highlights her work at Laguna Pueblo beginning in 1899 and her efforts to improve and market pueblo pottery for the Lagunas' economic benefit.

Landscapes of Colorado

Mountains and Plains
By Ann DaleyMichael Paglia

This overview of the rich vein of contemporary art in Colorado highlights the varied work created in response to the natural beauty of the state.

Subjects: Art

Talking With the Clay

The Art of Pueblo Pottery in the 21st Century
20th Anniversary Revised Edition
By Stephen Trimble

When you hold a Pueblo pot in your hands, you feel a tactile connection through the clay to the potter and to centuries of tradition. You will find no better guide to this feeling than Talking with the Clay.