The Architecture of Antoine Predock
By Christopher Curtis Mead

Architectural historian Christopher Mead traces Antoine Predock's development over forty years from early work in Albuquerque to twenty-first-century projects like Winnipeg's Canadian Museum for Human Rights.


Mexican Figurative Painting and Patronage in the 1980s
By Teresa Eckmann

Eckmann's study addresses such important questions as how neo-Mexicanist art has been defined, what its motivations and influences are, how it has been promoted and interpreted, and to what extent that patronage has influenced the development and construction of the movement.

Desire for Magic

Patrick Nagatani 1978–2008
Edited by Michele M. Penhall

This distinctive monograph designed by Christopher Kaltenbach is the first publication to survey the major photographic campaigns Patrick Nagatani (b. 1945) has completed during his long and still unfolding career.

Subjects: ArtPhotography

The Cosmos of the Yucatec Maya

Cycles and Steps from the Madrid Codex
By Merideth Paxton

The Cosmos of the Yucatec Maya traces the implications of a previously unrecognized image of the solar year in the Madrid Codex to find new meanings in the Dresden Codex and the Maya calendar system and a regional settlement organization in Yucatan.

Sensory Crossovers

Synesthesia in American Art
By Sharyn UdallNancy Weekly

This catalogue brings alive synesthesia's underpinnings, with a broader study documenting the formal and expressive purposes these crossovers have served for American painters.

Subjects: Art

Through a Narrow Window

Friedl Dicker-Brandeis and Her Terezín Students
By Linney Wix

Including biographical and art historical information on Dicker-Brandeis, this book sheds light on her roles as an artist, teacher, and heroine behind Nazi lines in the Second World War.

Tamarind Touchstones: Fabulous at Fifty

Celebrating Excellence in Fine Art Lithography
Edited by Marjorie Devon

Showcasing the broad aesthetic capabilities of lithography, Tamarind Touchstones demonstrates the diversity of the artists who have embraced lithography and their increased facility and comfort with the medium.

Subjects: Art

John Nieto

Forces of Color and Spirit
By Susan Hallsten McGarry

Recognized worldwide for his signature blend of expressive colors, dynamic brushwork, and powerful compositions, Nieto is an American artist who speaks in a universal language.

Art in Our Lives

Native Women Artists in Dialogue
Edited by Cynthia Chavez LamarSherry Farrell Racette

Art in Our Lives is the culmination of three seminars at SAR's Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) that brought together Native women artists to discuss the balancing of their art practice with their myriad roles, responsibilities, and commitments.

art alive!

A Fresh Approach to the Basics, the Teaching Techniques of Sally Bartalot
By Sally Bartalot

A book for teachers and students, art alive! chronicles the extraordinary teaching techniques and astounding artistic results that Sally Bartalot, teacher of art, has both shared and achieved with her students over the past forty years.

Subjects: Art