Globalization, Water, and Health

Resource Management in Times of Scarcity
Edited by Linda WhitefordScott Whiteford

This book is about crime and passion, life and death, lofty goals and squalid realities. It is a book about water. Global disparities in health and access to water are two major threats to world stability.

Ambassador Ortiz

Lessons from a Life of Service
By Frank Ortiz
Edited by Don J. Usner

Ambassador Ortiz's memoir of over four decades in the U.S. foreign service, including behind-the-scenes encounters with international leaders.

Completing the Union

Alaska, Hawai'i, and the Battle for Statehood
By John Whitehead

The story of the thirteen-year effort to add the 49th and 50th states to the Union.

Anthropology in the Margins of the State

Edited by Veena DasDeborah Poole

The very form and reach of the modern state are changing radically under the pressure of globalization. Featuring nine of the leading scholars in the field, this innovative exploration of these transformations develops an ethnographic methodology and theoretical apparatus to assess perceptions of power in three regions where state reform and violence have been particularly dramatic: Africa, Latin America, and South Asia.

American Arrivals

Anthropology Engages the New Immigration
Edited by Nancy Foner

Soaring immigration to the United States in the past few decades has reawakened both popular and scholarly interest in this important issue. American Arrivals highlights the important insights of anthropology for the field of migration studies.

True Tales from Another Mexico

The Lynch Mob, the Popsicle Kings, Chalino, and the Bronx
By Sam Quinones

Keen observation and astute interviews lead journalist Sam Quinones on the quest to find the authentic modern Mexico--both in Mexico and East L.A., and other parts of the U.S.

Federal Indian Policy in the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations, 1961-1969

By Thomas Clarkin

A study of the shift in American Indian and white relations as both Presidents favored new policies that would have fostered the survival of American Indian cultures and heritages, yet they faced opposition from western senators who insisted on carrying out the so-called termination policies.

War in the Tribal Zone

Expanding States and Indigenous Warfare
Edited by R. Brian FergusonNeil L. Whitehead

War in the Tribal Zone, the 1991 anthropology of war classic, is back in print with a new preface by the editors. Their timely and insightful essay examines the occurrence of ethnic conflict and violence in the decade since the idea of the "tribal zone" originally was formulated.

Acequia Culture

Water, Land, and Community in the Southwest
By José A. Rivera

Lays out the contemporary legal and administrative status of these ancient irrigation institutions, suggesting public policy measures to keep the system alive.

A Rich Land, a Poor People

Politics and Society in Modern Chiapas
Revised edition
By Thomas Benjamin

Benjamin delineates the basic continuity in the history of Chiapas from the 1890s to 1995.