Semantics of the World

Selected Poems
By Rómulo Bustos Aguirre
Edited and Translated by Nohora Arrieta FernándezMark A. Sanders

This selection of extraordinary poems, edited and translated by Nohora A. Arrieta Fernández and Mark A. Sanders, presents Bustos Aguirre’s works in Spanish alongside their English translations and features the critical apparatus necessary for making Bustos Aguirre’s poetry more accessible to students, scholars, and the general reading public.

The Empty Bowl

Poems of the Holocaust and After
By Judith H. Sherman

In The Empty Bowl: Poems of the Holocaust and After, Holocaust survivor Judith H. Sherman strives to record trauma through art.

The Gospel of Wildflowers and Weeds

By Orlando Ricardo Menes

The poems in The Gospel of Wildflowers and Weeds expand the sacred within a baroque, magical-realist poetics that immerses itself in the flora and fauna of the Caribbean and the region’s complex interplay of African, Judeo-Christian, and Taíno (Arawak) cultures.

Subjects: Poetry

Reflections through the Convex Mirror of Time / Reflexiones tras el Espejo Convexo del Tiempo

Poems in Remembrance of the Spanish Civil War / Poemas en Recuerdo de la Guerra Civil Española
By E.A. Mares

In this poignant bilingual collection, preeminent New Mexican poet E. A. “Tony” Mares posthumously shares his passionate journey into the broken heart and glimmering shadows of the Spanish Civil War, whose shock waves still resonate with the political upheavals of our own times.

Subjects: Poetry

Walking Uphill at Noon

By Jon Kelly Yenser

Walking Uphill at Noon showcases Yenser’s mastery of prosody and love of play.

Subjects: Poetry

The Loneliest Girl

By Kate Gale

In The Loneliest Girl, Kate Gale creates a powerful alternative narrative for Medusa and for all women who have carried guilt and shame—for being a woman, for not being enough, for being a victim.

Subjects: Poetry

My Book of the Dead

New Poems
By Ana Castillo

My Book of the Dead is a remarkable collection that features a poet at the height of her craft.

Subjects: Poetry

Commissions y Corridos

By Hakim Bellamy

The poems collected here insist that with the power to do right, people also have a responsibility to themselves, their loved ones, and complete strangers to be better and strive harder.

Subjects: Poetry

The Blood Poems

By Jessica Helen Lopez

The Blood Poems is one part bloodletting, one part healing, and one part sensuous celebration as Jessica Helen Lopez lays out what it means to be a strong brown woman, a single mother, and the kickass bard that the twenty-first century needs.

Subjects: Poetry

origin story

By Gary Jackson

origin story outlines a family history of distant sisters, grieving mothers and daughters, and alcoholic fathers.

Subjects: Poetry