Desert Wetlands

By Lucian NiemeyerThomas Fleischner

Over 150 color photos and accompanying text document wetland sites in the American Southwest and Mexico.

Canyon Spirits

Beauty and Power in the Ancestral Puebloan World
By Stephen H. LeksonJohn Malville
Photographs by John Ninnemann

Canyon Spirits includes eighty-five black-and-white photos and accompanying essays that share the beauty of the canyons and mesas of the Colorado Plateau and the history of the resourceful inhabitants.

Max Evans' Hi Lo Country

Under the One-Eyed Sky
By Max Evans
Photographs by Jan Haley

The Max Evans's "Hi Lo" region, encompassing parts of New Mexico, Colorado, and the Texas Panhandle, is vividly documented in Jan Haley's dramatic photographs.

Navaho Trading Days

By Elizabeth Hegemann

A collection of photographs and first-hand observations of life among the Navaho and Hopi in the early 20th century. "A most valuable historical resource."- American Indian Quarterly


Picturing Change
Photographs by E. Ledbetter
Translated by Achy Obejas

Large format photographs help define Cuba as seen through this photographer's lens over a four-year period. Eloquent essays accompany the images.

An Illustrated History of New Mexico

By Thomas E. Chávez

Combines more than two hundred photographs and a concise history to create an engaging, panoramic view of New Mexico's fascinating past.

Mesoamerica's Ancient Cities

Revised Edition
By William FergusonRichard E. W. Adams

A thoroughly revised edition of the classic photographic portrayal of the major pre-Columbian ruins of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.

Salt Dreams

Land and Water in Low-Down California
By William deBuys
Photographs by Joan Myers

A history of the Salton Sea, which has become a prophetic story of mounting environmental crises that impinge on the water supply of southern California's sixteen million people.

Wisconsin Death Trip

By Michael Lesy

A shocking portrait of a small town crumbling--socially, morally, physically and emotionally--under the impact of the great depression of the 1890s. This "cult classic" is now available again in paperback.

The History of Photography

An Overview
By Alma Davenport

A compact, readable, up-to-date overview of the history of photography.

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