Anna Tomczak, Photographer
By Barbara Hitchcock

Anna Tomczak's iconic tableaux have been featured in exhibitions and collections at numerous major photography and art museums.

Subjects: ArtPhotography

Eye of the West

Photographs by Nancy Wood
Photographs by Nancy Wood

This collection of photographs from the last three decades by Western writer and photographer Nancy Wood captures the people and places of rural Colorado and New Mexico.

The Idea of Cuba

By Alex Harris

Alex Harris beautifully captures many archetypes of today's Cuba, and Lillian Guerra's essay discusses what it means to be Cuban.

Four and Twenty Photographs

Stories from Behind the Lens
Photographs by Craig Varjabedian

One of the West's most eloquent photographers shares his favorite images and his stories of how they came to be.

The Great Houses of Chaco

By John Campbell

Campbell's elegant photographs explore the major structures built by the early Puebloan peoples of present-day northwestern New Mexico.

The Jicarilla Apache

A Portrait
By Veronica E. Velarde Tiller
Photographs by Nancy Hunter Warren

This well-rounded portrait of the Jicarilla people and lands reveals a culture and lifestyle seldom studied in the past.

Photography and Writing in Latin America

Double Exposures
Edited by Marcy E. SchwartzMary Beth Tierney-Tello

This is the first book to document the extensive collaboration between writers and photographers in Latin America from the Mexican Revolution through the twentieth century.

Mike Butterfield's Guide to the Mountains of New Mexico

By Peter Greene

This beautifully illustrated book is more than a guide to the mountains of New Mexico. It includes all prominent mountain ranges and other high points, with their locations, access, major peaks, major attractions, hiking/climbing, water, plants, and wildlife.

Bernard Plossu's New Mexico

Photographs by Bernard Plossu

A remarkable collection of New Mexico images by one of today's best-known French photographers.

Silver Cities

Photographing American Urbanization, 1839-1939
Revised and Expanded Edition
By Peter Bacon Hales

This vastly expanded edition presents a lively interdisciplinary history of the first century of urban photography in America.