American Indians

The Cherokee Nation

A History
By Robert J. Conley

Robert Conley's history of the Cherokees is the first to be endorsed by the Cherokee Nation and to be written by a Cherokee.

Salvation Through Slavery

Chiricahua Apaches and Priests on the Spanish Colonial Frontier
By H. Henrietta Stockel

Stockel examines the brutal history of forced conversion and subjection of the Chiricahua Apaches by Spanish priests during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

A Cherokee Encyclopedia

By Robert J. Conley

Conley has compiled a guide to historical and contemporary members of the Cherokee tribe and their roles in their clans and nations.

Eye of the West

Photographs by Nancy Wood
Photographs by Nancy Wood

This collection of photographs from the last three decades by Western writer and photographer Nancy Wood captures the people and places of rural Colorado and New Mexico.

Indian Trains

By Erika Wurth

These poems are tributes to an entirely new tribe--the unsung mixed blood Indians of modern America.

Powwow's Coming

By Linda Boyden

Cut-paper collage illustrations and engaging verse give young readers a new look at American Indian culture today.

Weaving Women's Lives

Three Generations in a Navajo Family
By Louise LamphereEva PriceCarole CadmanValerie Darwin

Well-known anthropologist Lamphere highlights the voices of three generations of Navajo women who are weaving their traditional beliefs with modern American culture to create a new blueprint for their lives and the next generations.

Rabbit Goes to Kansas

By Deborah L. Duvall
Illustrations by Murv Jacob

A new Ji-Stu adventure with his friend Wildcat and mythical birds in the land of sunflowers.

The Allen Site

A Paleoindian Camp in Southwestern Nebraska
Edited by Douglas B. Bamforth

Recent research on the intriguing Allen Site in southwestern Nebraska and the nearby Medicine Creek sites has revealed a wealth of new information on the land and animal use of the early inhabitants.

Josephine Foard and the Glazed Pottery of Laguna Pueblo

By Dwight P. LanmonLorraine Welling LanmonDominique Coulet du Gard

This fascinating rediscovery of Josephine Foard highlights her work at Laguna Pueblo beginning in 1899 and her efforts to improve and market pueblo pottery for the Lagunas' economic benefit.