American Indians

"Our Indian Princess"

Subverting the Stereotype
By Nancy Marie Mithlo

In this path breaking study, anthropologist Nancy Marie Mithlo examines the power of stereotypes, the utility of pan-Indianism, the significance of realist ideologies, and the employment of alterity in Native American arts.

Simon J. Ortiz

A Poetic Legacy of Indigenous Continuance
Edited by Susan Brill de RamírezEvelina Lucero

This volume reveals the insights and aesthetics of Ortiz's indigenous lens.

Work Is Love Made Visible

Collected Family Photographs and Poetry
By Jeanetta Calhoun Mish

The prodigal daughter writes of her travels and return and shares unique photos of her kin.

Explorations in Navajo Poetry and Poetics

By Anthony K. Webster

"This book is about the ways that the how of the story and the what of the story are intertwined."--from the Introduction

Feast of Souls

Indians and Spaniards in the Seventeenth-Century Missions of Florida and New Mexico
By Robert Galgano

A study of native responses to the imposition of Spanish spiritual and secular practices in North America.

Speak Like Singing

Classics of Native American Literature
By Kenneth Lincoln

Speak Like Singing honors talk-song visions for all relatives and seeks to plumb, if not to reconcile, Native and American poetics, tribal chorus, and solitary vision.

Santa Ana

The People, the Pueblo, and the History of Tamaya
By Laura Bayer

Relying on oral tradition, as well as documentary sources, this book traces Santa Ana Pueblo's history from the sixteenth century to the recent past.

In Beauty I Walk

The Literary Roots of Native American Writing
Edited by Jarold RamseyLori Burlingame

This generous selection of classics of American Indian literature illustrates the many connections with Native oral tradition carried on, and sometimes departed from, by today's younger generation of Indian authors.

Father Meme

By Gerald Vizenor

The reluctance of the Catholic Church to punish pedophile priests is dramatized in this modern fable of sin, sacrifice, and survivance in a Native American mission in Minnesota.

The Red Window

By Marianne Broyles

Acknowledging the historic oppression of Native Americans, Broyles also focuses on the enduring spirit of the people themselves.