American Indians

The Risen Horse

By Karen Taschek

This story of the tribulations of early reservation life that led to the modern-day triumphs of the Mescalero people also offers a rare glimpse at the strengths of education at Carlisle, largely remembered for its flaws.

John Nieto

Forces of Color and Spirit
By Susan Hallsten McGarry

Recognized worldwide for his signature blend of expressive colors, dynamic brushwork, and powerful compositions, Nieto is an American artist who speaks in a universal language.

Art in Our Lives

Native Women Artists in Dialogue
Edited by Cynthia Chavez LamarSherry Farrell Racette

Art in Our Lives is the culmination of three seminars at SAR's Indian Arts Research Center (IARC) that brought together Native women artists to discuss the balancing of their art practice with their myriad roles, responsibilities, and commitments.

Navajos in the Catholic Church Records of New Mexico, 1694-1875

Third Edition
By David M. Brugge

Combining archeological evidence with Navajo cultural precepts, David M. Brugge has used the records of the oldest European institution in the American Southwest, the Catholic Church, to shed some light on the practices, causes, and effects of Spanish, Mexican, and American occupation on the Navajo Nation.

Land, Wind, and Hard Words

A Story of Navajo Activism
By John Sherry

Because of his friendship with the Jacksons, Sherry was on the scene during the aftermath of the mysterious death of Leroy Jackson in 1993. His vivid account of the resulting journalistic feeding frenzy and heightened conflict on the reservation adds an unusual dimension to this intimate and unpretentious story.

Traditions of the Osage

Stories Collected and Translated by Francis La Flesche
Edited by Garrick Bailey

Traditions of the Osage is a collection of sacred teachings, folk stories, and animal stories in their original language, Osage, between 1910 and 1923.

The Journey of Tai-me

By N. Scott Momaday

This precursor to The Way to Rainy Mountain was originally published in a handmade edition in 1967 and has never before been commercially available.

Rabbit and the Fingerbone Necklace

By Deborah L. Duvall
Illustrations by Murv Jacob

Does Ji-Stu meet his match in the crafty ravens, out to get his most prized possession?

In the Presence of the Sun

Stories and Poems, 1961-1991
By N. Scott Momaday

A collection of evocative and versatile works by the National Medal of Arts recipient.

Healing Ways

Navajo Health Care in the Twentieth Century
By Wade Davies

Chronicles the advent of so-called "western" or "scientific" medicine in the modern era, and how Navajos adapted, but did not compromise their traditional healings ways.