American Indians

Beyond Red Power

American Indian Politics and Activism since 1900
Edited by Daniel M. CobbLoretta Fowler

How do we explain not just the survival of Indian people in the United States against very long odds but their growing visibility and political power at the opening of the twenty-first century?

New Perspectives on Pottery Mound Pueblo

Edited by Polly Schaafsma

Noted archaeologist Polly Schaafsma presents new research by current scholars on this largely neglected ancestral Puebloan site.

Talking With the Clay

The Art of Pueblo Pottery in the 21st Century
20th Anniversary Revised Edition
By Stephen Trimble

When you hold a Pueblo pot in your hands, you feel a tactile connection through the clay to the potter and to centuries of tradition. You will find no better guide to this feeling than Talking with the Clay.

Dictionary of Jicarilla Apache

Abáachi Mizaa Ilkee' Siijai
By Wilhelmina PhoneMaureen OlsonMatilda Martinez
Edited by Melissa AxelrodJule Gómez de GarcíaJordan Lachler

The first large-scale dictionary of any of the Eastern Apachean languages.

The Navajo People and Uranium Mining

Edited by Doug BruggeEsther Yazzie-LewisTimothy H. Benally

Based on statements given to the Navajo Uranium Miner Oral History and Photography Project, this revealing book assesses the effects of uranium mining on the reservation beginning in the 1940s.

Native American Life-History Narratives

Colonial and Postcolonial Navajo Ethnography
By Susan Brill de Ramírez

The author provides methods for the study of American Indian ethnographic texts and disputes some previous assumptions about the sources of the stories in Son of Old Man Hat.

The Shaman and the Water Serpent

By Jennifer Dewey
Illustrations by Benton Yazzie

Dewey tells the stories of early Puebloan peoples and their reverance for the land and animals on which their survival depended.

D'Arcy McNickle's The Hungry Generations

The Evolution of a Novel
Edited by Birgit Hans

This study of the early, unpublished novel, The Hungry Generations, explains how subsequent events in McNickle's life lead the author to eventually create The Surrounded, a classic of American Indian literature.

Rance Hood

Mystic Painter
By James HesterRance Hood

This beautifully illustrated biography of painter Rance Hood focuses on his art and its place within Native American art, history, and culture.

American Indian Literary Nationalism

By Jace WeaverRobert WarriorCraig Womack

A study of Native literature from the perspective of national sovereignty and self-determination.