Chronicle of an Acequia in Northern New Mexico
By Stanley Crawford

This memoir of the author's experience as a mayordomo, or ditch boss, is the first record of the life of an acequia by a community participant.

Navaho Folk Tales

By Franc Johnson Newcomb

In this marvelous collection, Franc Newcomb recounts some of the many folk tales she heard during long winter evenings at Blue Mesa.

The Fourth World of the Hopis

The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians as Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions
By Harold Courlander

Here noted folklorist Harold Courlander brings together traditional accounts of epic events and adventures in the life of Hopi clans and villages, from legendary to historical times.

Pieces of White Shell

By Terry Tempest Williams
Illustrations by Clifford Brycelea

"To know the oral tradition of Native American people is to feel the sensitivity and sensuality of language in its clearest motion and light, and this Williams has achieved in her appreciation of that tradition."--Simon Ortiz

The Boy Who Made Dragonfly

A Zuni Myth Retold by Tony Hillerman
By Tony Hillerman
Illustrations by Janet Grado

A Zuni myth first recorded a century ago.