The Shaman and the Water Serpent

By Jennifer Dewey
Illustrations by Benton Yazzie

Dewey tells the stories of early Puebloan peoples and their reverance for the land and animals on which their survival depended.

Legend and Lore of the Guadalupe Mountains

By W. C. Jameson

These tales of the mountains, mines, and characters of the Guadalupe range were collected over many years by the author who has explored the area since he was a boy.

Cantemos al Alba

Origins of Songs, Sounds, and Liturgical Drama of Hispanic New Mexico
By Tomás Lozano
Translated by Rima Montoya

New Mexico's early Hispanic liturgical literature and music are thoroughly examined in this comprehensive bilingual volume accompanied by two CDs.

Rabbit Plants the Forest

By Deborah L. Duvall
Illustrations by Murv Jacob

Based on the ancient Cherokee teaching that squirrels keep the woods alive and should not be hunted, Rabbit Plants the Forest tells the story from Cherokee mythology about animals and their places in our world.

West Bound

Stories of Providence
By Robert Gish

A series of related stories about the westward migration of one American family and the shifting fortunes of their lives and others in later years.

Subjects: FictionFolklore


A Life in Mexican Folk Healing
By Eliseo “Cheo” TorresTimothy L. Sawyer

This book examines the practices of traditional Mexican folk healers, or "curanderos," in the American Southwest as well as in their native country.

The Story of Corn

By Betty Fussell

This interweaving of folklore, history, and science tells the seven-century story of the importance of corn in the Americas.

The Lore of New Mexico

Second Edition, Abridged
By Marta WeiglePeter White

This award-winning text on New Mexico folklore traditions is now available in a shorter edition.

The Great Ball Game of the Birds and Animals

By Deborah L. Duvall
Illustrations by Murv Jacob

An ancient Cherokee legend, retold with lively dialogue and intriguing illustrations.

Tradiciones Nuevomexicanas

Hispano Arts and Culture of New Mexico
By Mary Montaño

This beautifully illustrated overview of the folk arts of New Mexico from the sixteenth century to the present covers both religious and secular arts including festivals, music, dance, and the visual arts.