The Legend of La Llorona
By Lucinda Ciddio Leyba

In this powerfully eerie tale, the legend of La Llorona is recast as the tale of a witch intent on doing evil in modern Santa Fe.

Cowboys Don't Cry

By Charles Berry

As Scout McBride navigates the rugged path to becoming a man, he knows that to emulate the men he admires, he must keep one thing in mind: Cowboys don't cry.

Subjects: FictionSouthwest

The Way of Thorn and Thunder

The Kynship Chronicles
By Daniel Justice

Available for the first time in one volume, Daniel Heath Justice's acclaimed Thorn and Thunder novels take Indigenous fantasy fiction beyond its stereotypes and tell a story set in a world similar to eighteenth-century eastern North America. The original trilogy-an example of green/eco-literature-is collected here in a one-volume novel.

The Lost Minyan

By David M. Gitlitz

This intricately woven tapestry of historical fiction, profiles ten Crypto-Jewish families coping with the trauma of living between worlds, neither wholly Catholic nor wholly Jewish.

The Risen Horse

By Karen Taschek

This story of the tribulations of early reservation life that led to the modern-day triumphs of the Mescalero people also offers a rare glimpse at the strengths of education at Carlisle, largely remembered for its flaws.

Skeeter's Dream

By Candace Manley

"œThe trials of war, of love and loss can crush the spirits of many, but Skeeter is proof that heroes do exist-that forgiveness and understanding are there for those who give it half a chance. An adventurous and touching story, this debut novel will find a permanent place in the reader's heart. Hats off to Candace Manley."-Steven Law, author of The True Father

Subjects: ChildrenFiction

Come with Me to Babylon

By Paul M. Levitt

The saga of an early twentieth-century Russian Jewish family and how they learn to find hope amidst many disappointments in America.

Subjects: Fiction

The Rounders

By Max Evans

This is the 50th anniversary edition of the western that made Max Evans famous.

Subjects: FictionVSM20

Wolves at Our Door

By J. P. S. Brown

A close-knit group of Anglo and Hispanic families struggle to keep their southern Arizona ranches alive amidst the dual threats of drug lords and smugglers.

Subjects: Fiction


Western Writers of America Presents Great Stories of the West from Today's Leading Western Writers
Edited by Paul Andrew Hutton

Since 1953, the Western Writers of America has celebrated the rich heritage of the American West through Spur awards and anthologies. With Roundup! the WWA again offers the very best of contemporary Western writing by the top hands in the field.