Under the Cap of Invisibility

The Pantex Nuclear Weapons Plant and the Texas Panhandle
By Lucie Genay

The book investigates how Pantex has impacted local identity by molding elements of the past into the guaranty of its future and its concealment.

Subjects: SouthwestHistory

Hispano Bastion

New Mexican Power in the Age of Manifest Destiny, 1837-1860
By Michael J. Alarid

In this groundbreaking study, historian Michael J. Alarid examines New Mexico’s transition from Spanish to Mexican to US control during the nineteenth century and illuminates how emerging class differences played a crucial role in the regime change.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

Reimagining History from an Indigenous Perspective

The Graphic Work of Floyd Solomon
By Joyce M. Szabo

In Reimagining History from an Indigenous Perspective, Joyce M. Szabo positions Solomon among his contemporaries, making this vibrant artist and his remarkable vision broadly available to audiences both familiar with his work and those seeing it for the first time.

Miles to Go

An African Family in Search of America along Route 66
By Brennen Matthews

Miles to Go is the story of a family from Africa in search of authentic America along the country’s most famous highway, Route 66.

House Gods

Sustainable Buildings and Renegade Builders
By Jim Kristofic

In House Gods, Kristofic pursues the techniques of sustainable building and the philosophies of its practitioners.

Colorado Family Outdoor Adventure

An All-Ages Guide to Hiking, Camping, and Getting Outside
By Heather Mundt

Colorado Family Outdoor Adventure is the definitive guide for families of all ages to experiencing the natural splendors of Colorado.

New Mexico's Moses

Reies López Tijerina and the Religious Origins of the Mexican American Civil Rights Movement
By Ramón A. Gutiérrez

In New Mexico’s Moses, Ramón A. Gutiérrez dives deeply into Reies López Tijerina’s religious formation during the 1940s and 1950s, illustrating how his Pentecostal foundation remained an integral part of his psyche even as he migrated toward social-movement politics.

Tucumcari Tonite!

A Story of Railroads, Route 66, and the Waning of a Western Town
By David H. Stratton

Tucumcari Tonite! blends in-depth research and personal and family experiences to re-create a “memoir” of Tucumcari.

Subjects: HistorySouthwest

Hiking Trails in Valles Caldera National Preserve

Revised Edition
By Coco Rae

Hiking Trails in Valles Caldera National Preserve offers first-time and returning visitors a complete guide to the recreation and beauty found in this unique landscape.

First Impressions

A Reader's Journey to Iconic Places of the American Southwest
By William deBuysDavid J. Weber

First Impressions: A Reader’s Journey to Iconic Places of the American Southwest tells the story of fifteen iconic sites across Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and southern Colorado through the eyes of the explorers, missionaries, and travelers who were the first nonnatives to describe them.

Subjects: SouthwestHistory