Ask the Bugman!

Environmentally Safe Ways to Control Household Pests
By Richard FagerlundJohnna Lachnit

How to control household pests in a more environmentally friendly way.

Walker Woman

By Julia Stein

Poems of modern day survival, set in Los Angeles.

Changing Plant Life of La Frontera

Observations on Vegetation in the U.S./Mexico Borderlands
Edited by Grady L. WebsterConrad J. Bahre

Presents a new agenda for study of the strikingly diverse shrub and grassland ecosystems of the U.S./Mexico border.

Salt Dreams

Land and Water in Low-Down California
By William deBuys
Photographs by Joan Myers

A history of the Salton Sea, which has become a prophetic story of mounting environmental crises that impinge on the water supply of southern California's sixteen million people.

Horizontal Yellow

Nature and History in the Near Southwest
By Dan Flores

Personal and historical meditations explore the human and natural history of the large expanse of land the Navajos once named the Horizontal Yellow.


Biology, Culture, and Environmental History
Edited by John HerronAndrew Kirk

Provocative essays explore how ideas about human nature inform or shape human understanding of nature and the environment.

Inhabited Wilderness

Indians, Eskimos, and National Parks in Alaska
By Theodore Catton

A history of the national parks in Alaska and how they protect the natural ecosystems while allowing certain populations to use the parks to maintain their cultural traditions.

The Way to the West

Essays on the Central Plains
By Elliott West

Elegantly assembles the environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic history of the Great Plains in the 19th century.

Aldo Leopold's Southwest

Edited by David E. BrownNeil Carmony

First published in 1990 and now available only from University of New Mexico Press, this volume collects twenty-six of Aldo Leopold's little-known essays and articles published between 1915 and 1948.

John Muir

Life and Work
Edited by Sally Miller

Moving beyond the preservationist/utilitarian dichotomy, these essays reveal the complexity of Muir's contribution, stressing the anthropomorphic, aesthetic, and recreational bases of his values. The insights of the historians, literary critics, philosophers, and scientists presented here provide readers with a greater appreciation for Muir's multidimensional personality and his contributions to the preservation movement.