Otero Mesa

Preserving America's Wildest Grassland
By Gregory McNamee
Photographs by Stephen StromStephen Capra

A powerful defense in words and photos of this unique grassland under increasing threat of oil and gas exploitation.

Mountain Time

A Yellowstone Memoir
By Paul Schullery

Schullery's heartfelt reflections on his relationship to the wildness of Yellowstone Park.

A Woman in the Great Outdoors

Adventures in the National Park Service
By Melody Webb

Melody Webb's reflections on her twenty-five-year career in the National Park Service is an insider's account of a public bureaucracy.

Playing the Odds

Las Vegas and the Modern West
By Hal Rothman
Edited by Lincoln Bramwell

"Hal Rothman is both the greatest Western historian of his generation and an H. L. Mencken in cowboy boots."--Mike Davis, author of Planet of Slums and Buda's Wagon

The Navajo People and Uranium Mining

Edited by Doug BruggeEsther Yazzie-LewisTimothy H. Benally

Based on statements given to the Navajo Uranium Miner Oral History and Photography Project, this revealing book assesses the effects of uranium mining on the reservation beginning in the 1940s.

Storytelling in Yellowstone

Horse and Buggy Tour Guides
By Lee H. Whittlesey

Whittlesey shares tales of "the great Geyserland" as told by the earliest tour guides of America's first and most unique national park.

Desert Wetlands

By Lucian NiemeyerThomas Fleischner

Over 150 color photos and accompanying text document wetland sites in the American Southwest and Mexico.

Adventures with Ed

A Portrait of Abbey
By Jack Loeffler

"Jack's story elucidates and demythifies the Abbey legend, giving us powerful flesh and blood instead."--John Nichols, author of The Milagro Beanfield War

High and Dry

The Texas-New Mexico Struggle for the Pecos River
By G. Emlen Hall

High and Dry tells the story of a river in an arid region and the long history of litigation between Texas and New Mexico as they battle over water rights.

Making a Real Killing

Rocky Flats and the Nuclear West
Updated Edition
By Len Ackland

A chilling, fast-moving study of the nuclear weapons plant in the Denver suburbs, told through the experiences of managers, workers, activists, and neighbors who were all so deeply affected by the hazardous plant.