Land, Wind, and Hard Words

A Story of Navajo Activism
By John Sherry

Because of his friendship with the Jacksons, Sherry was on the scene during the aftermath of the mysterious death of Leroy Jackson in 1993. His vivid account of the resulting journalistic feeding frenzy and heightened conflict on the reservation adds an unusual dimension to this intimate and unpretentious story.

Dreaming the Biosphere

The Theater of All Possibilities
By Rebecca Reider

Reider tells the tangled tale of the creation, and eventual disintegration, of the experimental eco-utopia known as Biosphere 2.

The Tree Rings' Tale

Understanding Our Changing Climate
By John Fleck

Science writer Fleck addresses one of the most important guiding principles for life in the arid West and one that scientists have long recognized: climate variability.

Fly-Fishing Secrets of the Ancients

A Celebration of Five Centuries of Lore and Wisdom
By Paul Schullery

Schullery ponders the great endless fish story we perpetuate and enrich every time we cast a fly.

Building to Endure

Design Lessons of Arid Lands
Edited by Paul LuskAlf Simon

Building to Endure explores how the long history of human settlement in the American Southwest can provide valuable lessons in addressing today's need to wisely use energy, water, and the land.


Earthquakes and Popular Politics in Latin America
Edited by Jürgen BuchenauLyman L. Johnson

In using natural disasters as a way to study societal and especially political change, the essays in this volume illustrate the immediate as well as the long term consequences of destruction.

The Travails of Two Woodpeckers

Ivory-Bills and Imperials
By Noel F. R. SnyderDavid E. BrownKevin B. Clark

The long, sad story of the failure of efforts to prevent the extinction of two of nature's most impressive woodpeckers offers lessons for preventing the extinctions of other species.

The Forester's Log

Musings from the Woods
By Mary Stuever

This collection of Stuever's popular columns celebrates the bond between land and people and inspires us to preserve our forest treasures.

Gila Libre!

New Mexico's Last Wild River
By M. H. Salmon

Salmon tells the varied story of this unique, undammed, Southwestern river--in the past, the present, and, possibly, the future.

A Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of the Middle Rio Grande Bosque

By Jean-Luc E. CartronTimothy K. LowreyJane E. MygattSandra L. BrantleyDavid Lightfoot

Including over 800 color photos, this authoritative guide is the first of its kind for the Middle Rio Grande Bosque of New Mexico.