Educational Reform in New Mexico

Tireman, San José, and Nambé
By David Bachelor

Providing quality education for all children is a challenge in multicultural societies such as the United States. Historically, individual educators and theorists have proposed a variety of approaches to educating children whose native language is not English. In the 1930s Loyd Tireman organized two experiments in cross-cultural education in New Mexico. These experiments were remarkably successful and anticipated contemporary trends, yet they remained unacknowledged and, until now, unstudied. Bachelor makes Tireman's insights available to modern teachers.

The University of New Mexico

By V. B. Price
Photographs by Robert Reck

Robert Reck beautifully captures the unique campus and architecture of the University of New Mexico.

The Weighty Word Book

By Paul M. LevittElissa S. GuralnickDouglas A. Burger
Illustrations by Janet Stevens

"Each of these twenty-six short stories takes an elaborate, circuitous path that leads to a 'weighty' one-word punch line."-- School Library Journal

Weighty Words, Too

By Paul M. LevittElissa S. GuralnickDouglas A. Burger
Illustrations by Katherine Karcz

Global Health Narratives

A Reader for Youth
Edited by Emily Mendenhall
Illustrations by Hannah Adams Burque

This collection of narratives on health issues, told from the perspectives of young people from around the world, provides a valuable educational tool for teachers and parents alike.

Miracle on the Mesa

A History of the University of New Mexico, 1889-2003
By William Davis

Written by former University of New Mexico president William "Bud" Davis, Miracle on the Mesa covers the changes and growth experienced by the University since its founding on February 28, 1889.

Public Education in New Mexico

By John B. MondragónErnest S. Stapleton

The structure, politics, and financing of education in New Mexico today.

Education and the American Indian

The Road to Self-Determination Since 1928
Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged
By Margaret Connell Szasz

This revised edition provides an overview of American Indian/Alaska Native education from 1928 to 1998.