For Use in the Classroom

For classroom print and electronic course-pack use, please apply for permission directly through the Copyright Clearance Center.

For Use in Publication

To request permission to reprint material from a University of New Mexico Press book, please complete our online Permissions Request Form.

For Use by Individuals with Print-Related Disabilities

The University of New Mexico Press is not currently enrolled in a service that allows us to distribute electronic copies of books to individuals with accessibility needs. However, the Press does grant one-time permission to institutions to produce a suitable electronic version of the required book, providing that 1) Information crediting the University of New Mexico Press as the publisher is included in the alternative-format version, and 2) Any use of the alternative-format version is restricted solely to individuals registered with the institution as having a print-related disability.

For Fair Use

For information on the concept of fair use, you may refer to Stanford University Library's Copyright and Fair Use Guide. Fair use is a complex issue, and we are unable to advise individuals on what does or does not constitute fair use of copyrighted material.

Public domain works are those works that are no longer protected by copyright or that were never under copyright protection in the first place. For examples of what kinds of information might be in the public domain, you may refer to the Copyright Clearance Center's Guide to Copyright. The legal concept of public domain differs from the concept of making work available to the public. Information appearing on a public website, for example, may still be under copyright protection.