Book Reading: Half-White Album

Books on the Bosque | 6261 Riverside Plaza Lane NW, Suite A-2, Albuquerque, NM 87120

Cover artwork for The Half-White Album, by Cynthia SylvesterCynthia Sylvester will be reading from her book, The Half-White Album, at Books On the Bosque on Saturday, February 17th @ 3:00. As part of the reading she will discuss the musical influences in the book and will share the companion playlist.

This powerful debut collection explores lives lived between worlds. Sylvester masterfully weaves together fiction, poetry, and nonfiction to give readers a poignant though fractured view of her characters’ lives, their loves, and their struggles. Told from the perspective of an urban Native, the work details a journey led by the nomadic band, the Covers. It is an experience meant to heal generational trauma and bring back into the light people who may otherwise be forgotten. At its heart, The Half-White Album is a healing ceremony of the author’s own creation, a process grounded in music that celebrates what it is to be human and imperfect and to love imperfectly.