Roger Naylor In-Store Author Event

Changing Hands Bookstore Phoenix, AZ

This event is free and open to the public.

Roger Naylor returns to discuss his new book, Awesome Arizona: 200 Amazing Facts About the Grand Canyon State.


  • Masks are recommended.


With his latest book, Roger Naylor says what needs to be said. Arizona is awesome!

Arizona is rugged and gorgeous and historic and weird and funny and utterly magnificent. It’s full of surprises, not what most people expect at all. And with this book, Naylor piles up the evidence.

In Awesome Arizona, Naylor has amassed 200 amazing facts and fascinating commentary about his beloved state. He captures the essence of Arizona from its wild and wooly past to its breathtaking scenery to its startling geology to its incredible diversity of cultures and terrain. This is the encyclopedia that lovers of Arizona have been craving.

Arizona is the sunniest state, the state with the most national monuments, and the only state that contains one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Arizona has every life zone found between Mexico and Canada. The world’s largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest spreads across the north and the south bristles with an arsenal of the country’s largest cactus.

Trees that once shaded dinosaurs are still here. This is where you can slither through the most famous slot canyon in the Southwest and visit the best-preserved meteor crater on earth. Arizona saved the unicorn. Arizona saved Route 66. The chimichanga was invented here. The world’s largest antique is a major tourist attraction and the booze flows like water in the nation’s second smallest bar. You might encounter Bigfoot or spot a UFO. You can definitely take a selfie with the world’s largest kokopelli, kachina doll, and rosebush.

Awesome Arizona is an unabashed celebration of the 48th State. It’s chockfull of facts, information, anecdotes, historical tidbits, humor and Naylor’s masterful storytelling. Naylor puts into words what so many others feel about Arizona. For anyone who already takes a fierce pride in his or her Arizona heritage, or who wants to learn more about this remarkable state, this is the book for you.

Roger Naylor is Arizona’s premier travel writer and a member of the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame. His two previous books, Arizona Scenic Roads and Hikes and Arizona State Parks, were both chosen as best Arizona Travel Books by the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards in 2020 and 2021.
Naylor is the official narrator of Verde Canyon Railroad. His work appears most weeks in the Arizona Republic. He has also written for The GuardianUSA TodayThe WeekCountry MagazineArizona Highways, and dozens more. He is the author of several books including The Amazing Kolb Brothers of Grand CanyonBoots & Burgers: An Arizona Handbook for Hungry HikersArizona Kicks on Route 66, and Crazy for the Heat: Arizona Tales of Ghosts, Gumshoes, and Bigfoot. For more information, visit

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