Authors in the Parklet: Sarah Kotchian “Light of Wings” at Maria’s Bookshop

Maria’s Bookshop | 960 Main Avenue, Durango, CO 81301

Book cover for Light of Wings: Poems, but Sarah Kotchian.

Poet Sarah Kotchian
Sarah Kotchian

Maria’s Bookshop in Durango welcomes poet Sarah Kotchian to their summer series, Authors in the Parklet, to share her new book, Light of Wings.

Sarah Kotchian’s haunting collection of poems merges spirit and nature in a voice both elegiac and celebratory. Kotchian explores our deep connection to the natural world, one increasingly at risk even as it continues to surprise and inspire. From meditations on the dangers of global warming to supporting a friend with cancer, from grieving the loss of her own mother to celebrating nature from New Mexico to a wild Scottish island, the poems celebrate both solitude and companionship and enlarge our concept of belonging and community, offering us threads of resilience, persistence, and hope.