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Wrenched from the Land

Activists Inspired by Edward Abbey
By ML Lincoln
Edited by Diane Sward Rapaport



Wrenched from the Land features sixteen interviews with some of the most iconic eco-warriors to put themselves on the line for their beliefs. The activists featured in this book are inspired by the late Edward Abbey, one of America’s uncompromising and irascible defenders of wilderness. The book includes interviews with Terry Tempest Williams, the late Charles Bowden, Sea Shepherd Society founder Paul Watson, Jack Loeffler, Doug Peacock, Ingrid Eisenstadter, John De Puy, Bob Lippman, Derrick Jensen, Shonto Begay, Ken Sanders, Ken Sleight, the late Katie Lee, Executive Director of the Center for Biological Diversity Kieran Suckling, Earth First! cofounder Dave Foreman, and climate activist Tim DeChristopher.

Some were among Abbey’s closest friends and were the inspiration for his irreverent comedic masterpiece, The Monkey Wrench Gang. Here are mesmerizing stories about how they adapted Abbey’s monkeywrenching ideas into a radical blueprint for direct action. Their achievements—as ingenious and fierce as the individuals in this book—will encourage readers to discover their own pathways toward positive change.

Contributor Bios
ML Lincoln, author and award-winning photographer and filmmaker, is the producer and director of the esteemed documentaries Wrenched and Drowning River.