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Where the Ox Does Not Plow

A Mexican American Ballad
By Manuel Peña



Where the Ox Does Not Plow, an autobiographical ethnography, consists of twenty-six life episodes that chronicle Manuel Peña’s transformative journey from an impoverished migrant worker to a career in academia. Inspired by his experiences and those of the people around him in Texas and California, Peña reflects on a wide range of issues arising from the historically marginalized condition of Mexicans and other Latinos in the United States. The narrative will engage readers with a broad range of human experiences, from race relations and economic exploitation to the intimacy of familial and romantic love.

Contributor Bios
Manuel Peña is an anthropologist with an extensive career in writing and teaching. His publications include The Texas-Mexican Conjunto, which won third place in the Chicago Folklore Prize International competition; Música Tejana; and The Mexican American Orquesta, which won a Southwest Book Award from the Border Regional Library Association. He resides in Clovis, California.