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The Way of Thorn and Thunder

The Kynship Chronicles
By Daniel Justice



Taking fantasy literature beyond the stereotypes, Daniel Heath Justice's acclaimed Thorn and Thunder novels are set in a world resembling eighteenth-century North America. The original trilogy is available here for the first time as a fully revised one-volume novel. The story of the struggle for the green world of the Everland, home of the forest-dwelling Kyn, is an adventure tale that bends genre and gender.

"Justice has created a fantasy epic so rich in history and so complex with all of its inhabitants and mystery that you're never going to want The Way of Thorn and Thunder to end. What a treasure for anyone looking for heroes and adventure in a series based on Aboriginal philosophy and wisdom."" -Richard Van Camp, author of The Lesser Blessed

"There is action and adventure aplenty in this epic tale . . . but there is something deeper as well. Like the magic that imbues his imagined world of spirit-trees and talking beasts, a true sense of wonder and enchantment wells up through Daniel Heath Justice's words. This is a realm that fantasy fans can immerse themselves in, and return to again and again; a realm that feels at once fresh and new, yet old as the oldest myth.""-Alison Baird, author of The Hidden World

"The Way of Thorn and Thunder by Daniel Justice is an intricately layered and carefully constructed tale of characters, customs and cultures in conflict during a time of change, with a definite anthropological flavor to it.""-Robin Hobb, author of The Rain Wild Chronicles

"The Way of Thorn and Thunder is a beautifully wrought high fantasy novel, drawing from the unique and fascinating cultures of North America's aboriginal peoples but successfully creating a world and characters that stand on their own, and are even set apart from what we usually see in high fantasy. Readers who enjoy meticulously created landscapes and cultures, as well as language that is by turns both visceral and elegant, will likely find much to love in The Way of Thorn and Thunder.""-Karin Lowachee, author The Gaslight Dogs

"With The Way of Thorn and Thunder, Daniel Heath Justice has proved to be a world builder in the manner of Tolkien and Philip Pullman. His treatment of gender, environmental issues might remind some of Ursula Le Guin, but his insight is unique and indigenous, complete with the world tree, colonization. Fans of high fantasy will welcome this book from a writer to watch.""-Linda Hogan, author of People of the Whale

"A powerful heroic fantasy, notable for being set, not in the familiar myth-Europe of most such fantasies, but (like Liliana Bodoc's haunting Saga de los Confines) in the Old World of the Western Hemisphere, the Native American world, where the true, deep roots of magic are threatened by conquest and destruction.""-Ursula K. Le Guin

Contributor Bios
Daniel Heath Justice, a Colorado-born Canadian citizen of the Cherokee Nation, teaches Aboriginal literatures at the University of Toronto.