74 black & white photos; 2 black & white illustrations

Published by Sunbelt Editions

Totally Pizza

The Wild Story of The World's Most Famous Food
By Mark Masker



Totally Pizza explores the history, culture, and general mayhem associated with the world’s most popular food. From Naples to Napa and Queen Marguerita to Chuck E. Cheese, this book covers a wide range of territory. It’s a humorous, comprehensive look at the origins of pizza, its development from Naples, and its export around the world.

Contributor Bios
Mark Masker started his career as an associate editor for various motorcycle magazines. In 2010, he added food writing to his work when he pitched a barbecue story to Dave DeWitt. He hasn’t looked back since. Masker is currently the editor of burn-blog.com and seafood-harvest.com, and he is the associate publisher for Sunbelt Editions.