Sonoran Rage

A Colton Brothers Saga, No. 2
By Melody Groves



Stranded in the rugged Sonoran Desert, stagecoach drivers James Colton and older brother, Trace, are captured by warring Apaches. Tortured and driven to the breaking point, James is used as a bargaining chip by the great Apache Chief, Cochise. James will die if Trace can't win freedom for Cochise's brother, imprisoned by the Army. Trace rushes to negotiate a trade, but the Army has other plans--attack Cochise and his warriors at Apache Pass.
It's Arizona Territory, 1861. Rage explodes across the Sonoran Desert, and blood stains the sand. Will the Colton brothers survive?
Sonoran Rage is the second book in Melody Grove's Colton Brothers Saga series. Arizona War is the third book in the series, and also published by La Frontera Publishing.
"Melody Groves takes readers on a memorable adventure into the Sonoran Desert. Unexpected plot twists, realistic descriptions and vivid writing keep you on edge--and turning the pages--as young stagecoach drivers James and Trace Colton face Cochise and his Apaches in a life-changing challenge for survival."--Cotton Smith, author of Western novels, including Blood of Bass Tillman

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