18 color illustrations

Sister Rabbit's Tricks

By Emmett “Shkeme” Garcia
Illustrations by Victoria Pringle



“It’s no trick! Shkeme Garcia has written a simple fable that teaches a powerful lesson about jokes that go too far. Sister Rabbit’s Tricks should be recommended reading for adults as well as kids.”—Carla Aragón, author of Dance of the Eggshells

Sister Rabbit enjoys visiting her friends and relatives in the forest. She also enjoys playing tricks on the other animals, and sometimes Rabbit’s tricks get her into trouble.

Inspired by the many rabbit stories from the pueblos of New Mexico, this story of Sister Rabbit and her antics shows us a trickster animal, wily and lovable, who can fool her friends but needs to learn some lessons about how to get along in life.

Contributor Bios
Emmett “Shkeme” Garcia (Santa Ana Pueblo) is the author of Coyote and the Sky (UNM Press), also illustrated with Victoria Pringle’s cut-paper pictures.