95 color plates

Paintings of the Southwest

Edited by Arnold Skolnick



The Southwest, particularly Arizona and New Mexico, comes alive in this book as a land ablaze with colors and brilliance uniquely its own. Here the deep-blue expanse of sky meets the fiery reds and oranges of breathtaking canyons, deserts, and deep valleys, which stretch into rugged mountains. This complex and diverse landscape and the extraordinary cultures thriving within it have been a wellspring of inspiration for artists and source of wonder for many. In paintings by Victor Higgins, Thomas Moran, Edward Hopper, John Sloan, Marsden Hartley, Maynard Dixon, Georgia O'Keeffe and many others we, too, share in visions of the beauty, mystery, and grandeur that has drawn artists and travelers alike to the Southwest.

The breathtaking expanse of the Southwest is nowhere more accessible than in the over ninety glorious landscapes of this book. Accompanying the art are selected writings of such famous authors as D.H. Lawrence and Willa Cather. Suzan Campbell's introduction briefly traces the history of the Southwest along with its continual allure for both regional and visiting artists.

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Contributor Bios
Arnold Skolnick is also the editor of Paintings of Maine and Paintings of California. He lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Suzan Campbell is an independent art historian and curator who specializes in art of the Southwest.