New Mexico's Quest for Statehood, 1846-1912

2nd Edition
By Robert W. Larson



Why did New Mexico remain so long in political limbo before being admitted to the Union as a state?

Combining extensive research and a clear and well-organized style, Robert W. Larson provides the answers to this question in a thorough and comprehensive account of the territory’s extraordinary six-decade struggle for statehood.

This book is no mere chronology of political moves, however. It is the history of a turbulent frontier state, sweeping into the current almost every colorful character of the territory. Not only politicians but ranchers, outlaws, soldiers, newspapermen, Indians, merchants, lawyers, and people from every walk of life were involved. This is a book for the reader who is interested in any aspect of southwestern territorial history.

Contributor Bios
Robert W. Larson has previously contributed articles to Mid-America and the New Mexico Historical Review. He received two grants from the American Philosophical Society to assist in the work on this book.