The Navajo Language

A Grammar and Colloquial Dictionary
Revised Edition
By Robert W. YoungWilliam Morgan



First published in 1980, this volume is the definitive dictionary and linguistic analysis of the Navajo language. In this revised edition, the entire grammatical section has been rewritten to include a wide range of linguistic information that will establish a foundation for future work in Navajo.

"(Robert Young and William Morgan) have made it possible to educate, communicate, inform, and entertain through the written Navajo language."--Navajo Tribal Council

"( The Navajo Language) is a unique contribution to American Indian linguistics and lexicography. (It is) a reference work of the highest quality, a book that is a rich resource for Navajo speakers, people learning to speak Navajo, and scholars interested in Navajo and Athabaskan linguistics."-- International Journal of American Linguistics

Contributor Bios
Navajo scholar William Morgan was honored in July 1996, along with Robert Young, by the Navajo Nation Council for their work on the Navajo language.
Robert W. Young (1912-2007) was professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of New Mexico. He was a foremost Navajo language expert and author of several Navajo language books.