Miracle on the Mesa

A History of the University of New Mexico, 1889-2003
By William Davis



Written by former UNM president William "Bud" Davis, Miracle on the Mesa covers the changes and growth experienced by the University since its founding on February 28, 1889.

The story of the Miracle on the Mesa is told chronologically, within the framework of each administration, beginning with the "joint presidencies" of Elias S. Stover and Hiram Hadley, who served from 1892 through 1897, and ending with Louis Caldera, current president of UNM. More than just a history of the university, Davis's lively text also provides a unique look at Albuquerque and its citizens during each time period. For example, this colorful description of the equipment football players wore in the 1890s:

"Our canvas suits--those who were fortunate enough to have them--carried little padding except where towels were stuffed over shoulders and knees. Head-gears, nose-guards, and helmets were not yet introduced and all players cultivated heavy heads of hair for protection."--from Miracle on the Mesa

UNM alumni, former and current UNM students, and former and current faculty members and administrators will enjoy reading about the efforts that have gone into making
the University of New Mexico the quality institution of higher learning that it is today: the Miracle on the Mesa.

Contributor Bios
William E. Davis served as president of the University of New Mexico from 1975 through 1982.