Losing the Ring in the River

By Marge Saiser



Winner of the 2014 WILLA Literary Award in Poetry from Women Writing the West

Spare and incisive, the poems in Losing the Ring in the River deal with three strong women—Clara, Emma, and Liz, women who are tough, often sassy, and have dreams that aren’t quelled by the realities they face. Saiser deftly explores the undercurrents connecting three generations and is at her most powerful when she explores how lives are restricted and sometimes painfully damaged by what people cannot or will not share with one another. Saiser’s poetry is as harsh as it is beautiful; she avoids resolutions and easy endings, focusing instead on the small, hard-won victories that each woman experiences in her life and in her love of those around her.

Subjects: Poetry

Contributor Bios
Marge Saiser is the author of five books, including Lost in Seward County, Beside You at the Stoplight, and Bones of a Very Fine Hand. Her honors include an Academy of American Poets Prize and several Nebraska Book Awards. In 2009 Saiser was named Distinguished Artist in Poetry by the Nebraska Arts Council. Her poems have been published in Prairie Schooner, Chattahoochee Review, Field, and other journals.