78 color illustrations, 3 halftones

Lo que mi abuela me dijo / What My Grandmother Told Me

Practical Wisdom from Spanish Proverbs and Sayings
By Maria Paz Eleizegui Weir
Illustrations by Mahala Urra



First Place Winner of the 2017 International Latino Book Award for Best Gift Book

Winner of the 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for Spanish Language Book

Winner of the 2016 Skipping Stones Honor Award for Multicultural and International Books

, or proverbs, offer a daily source of strength and inspiration in Spanish-speaking households all over the world. In this book about growing up in Manila with a Filipina grandmother, Maria Paz Eleizegui Weir shares the centuries-old dichos she learned from her abuelita: wisdom that is still useful today, whether you live in Managua, Mazatlán, or Manhattan.

In Lo que mi abuela me dijo Weir tells the moving story of how the folk wisdom she learned from her grandmother shaped her life. Arranged by subjects, the dichos provide wisdom on topics such as childhood, work, strife, and love. On friendship, for example, Si quieres el perro, accepta las pulgas: If you like the dog, accept the fleas. On manners, Los trapos sucios se lavan en casa: Dirty linen is washed at home. With more than one hundred dichos, this collection imparts timeless insight across generations.

Contributor Bios
Maria Paz Eleizegui Weir was born in Manila and grew up in a bicultural family of Filipino-Spanish origins. She currently lives in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest.
Mahala Urra’s artwork has appeared in Zee Lifestyle and at the Sundance Film Festival, and she has done storyboard work for UK studios. This is her first book of illustrations.