Published by West End Press

The Irreversible Sun

By Shirley Geok-lin Lim



“Lim’s poems capture the spirit of California with beauty and insight.”—Jon Parrish Peede, editor, Virginia Quarterly Review

“Shirley Lim’s poems sing with the defiance of Blake and Yeats, clapping hands ‘for every tatter in our mortal dress.’ The song is fierce, the vision incisively clear-eyed—supremely mature, an unsentimental perception of humanity and nature. The Irreversible Sun’s song soars even in direst loss.”—Anca Vlasopolos, author of Cartographies of Scale (and Wing)

“Shirley Lim’s poetry simultaneously puzzles and clarifies. These poems are rich in sense of place and startling juxtapositions: gingkos, coastal oaks, and magpies alongside glittery garbage. They move and surprise like the cracks and slides of the earth.”—Diane Thiel, poet, author, and professor, University of New Mexico

Subjects: Poetry

Contributor Bios
Shirley Geok-lin Lim is the author of more than ten books, including poetry, short stories, critical works, a memoir, and three novels. Currently a research professor in the English department at the University of California, Santa Barbara, she received her PhD from Brandeis University.