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Hiking to History

A Guide to Off-Road New Mexico Historic Sites
By Robert Julyan



With more than 13,000 years of human habitation, New Mexico offers a wealth of historic sites located on vast tracts of land well off the beaten path. As author Robert Julyan observes, not much history has been made from a speeding car, and locations that have to be reached on foot are almost always less altered by parking lots, visitor centers, roadways, or traffic noise. Written for both outdoor enthusiasts and vicarious travelers, Hiking to History describes the historical significance behind these publicly accessible sites and includes GPS coordinates to enable readers to find each place. Ranging from the state’s principal Civil War battlefield at Glorieta to the dirt road where a broken wagon wheel led two young artists to settle in Taos in 1898, the scenes provide an up-close experience of the state’s remarkable past.

Contributor Bios
Robert Julyan is the author of several books, including The Mountains of New Mexico and The Place Names of New Mexico, Revised Edition, both published by the University of New Mexico Press. He lives near Albuquerque, New Mexico.