20 color illustrations

The Hero Twins

A Navajo-English Story of the Monster Slayers
By Jim Kristofic
Illustrations by Nolan Karras James



Winner of the 2016 Skipping Stones Honor Award for Multicultural and International Books

The Hero Twins
tells the story of two brothers born to Changing Woman and trained by the Holy People to save their people from the naayéé’, a race of monsters. But the naayéé’ can’t be beaten alone. Family and friends and wise mentors must lead any warrior down the good path toward victory. Colorful illustrations show the action as the twins seek out their father to receive the weapons they need to face the greatest monster of them all: Yé’iitsoh.

Told in Navajo, the Diné language, and English, this story exists in many versions, and all demonstrate the importance of thinking, patience, persistence, bravery, and reverence. These teachings still help the Diné—and everyone—find the harmony of a balanced and braver life.

Contributor Bios
Jim Kristofic grew up on the Navajo Reservation in northeastern Arizona and has worked on and off the “Rez” for more than ten years as a river guide, park ranger, journalist, ranch hand, and oral historian. He’s written for the Navajo Times, Arizona Highways, High Country News, and Native Peoples Magazine. His memoir, Navajos Wear Nikes: A Reservation Life, was a finalist for the 2012 Spur Award and was named a 2011 Southwest Book of the Year.
Nolan Karras James is an artist, songwriter, powwow dancer, guitarist, and former rodeo cowboy from Piñon, Arizona. His father is Many Goats Clan (Tł’izi Lání) and his mother is Apache (Chíshí).